Here we go!

As it probably is with the vast majority of families with kids, the moment Thanksgiving is behind you, the questions start.

When will it snow?

Will we have a white Christmas?

Not to mention the myriad questions around where and when we will have the festive dinners of the season.

Last Sunday, I grabbed this pic, intending to call out that it was the first time this season that I looked to the far ridge and caught sight of snow atop it.

Excellent sight, to be sure. Kids happy, of course. I love the sight of it….but it also brings up thoughts of charging the battery for the snow thrower and how will the roads be, once off our driveway, this year.

I didn’t send it, as I got distracted by travel to Memphis, for work (just as cold as home, 12+ hour days on site, and evenings largely spent catching up on the emails I could not process during the day), getting home around 1am on Friday.

No snow on the ground, driving back from the airport, though.

Last night, however….slow descent of fat, fluffy flakes. This morning…

Nice! Shadow may not be happy with the white invaders in his space, but he will come inside soon enough. In thr mean time, he can melt them in his mouth, if they get too aggressively into his territory.

For the sake of the kids, I hope this is repeated, closer to Christmas. No illusions that this will last, that long.

For me….in the middle of the most hectic part of the year for work, where every day brings challanges, and the constant reminder is “solve it, look for the next issue, and make it to 5pm (6pm, 8pm?), the realization that I never did confirm the battery was charging comes back to mind.

Time to be more focused on gaps and breaks where I can step back, relax, and just be thankful for all the blessings in my life. The outside world does not insist on maintaining your personal balance, after all.

Tight lines…as soon as possible.

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