Newbie and Gadget Aficionado

For years, one of my closest friends tried to get me to give Fly Fishing a chance. For almost as long, I refused.

In 2013, during a family camping trip to MT, I was wading across the Gibbon River in Yellowstone, helping my daughters through the current, when I looked upstream ... felt the water push against my legs, the sun on my face, and soaked in the sound of the current against the nearby rocks ... and everything I had been told about the peace and tranquility of Fly Fishing came back to me, at once.

I knew, in that moment, that I had to try it...

The introductory lesson in casting (Thank you, Scott!) was enough to cement this. Having relocated to south-central WA, I have three rivers within 45 minutes of me, a growing collection of necessary (and some clearly unnecessary) fly fishing gear, and a continuously growing appetite for time spent standing in and near rivers.