As with anyone that spends time searching for … well … anything can attest to, there are occasionally well-done, informative, and useful sites that you find along the way. With that in mind, I offer these trails that head off to sites I have found to be particularly useful. Some of them are internet-found, others the sites for places I have found in the real world, then added the link. Enjoy.

Fly Fishing / Fly Tying / Outdoors

Food / Wine Resources

  • John Fodera’s Tuscan Vines – Excellent source for Wine Reviews and Recipes (with exceptionally detailed tasting notes!) with an Italian / Tuscan focus.
  • SEC Wines – Source for shipped wine. Not a large selection, but when they have what you’re looking for, it can be at a great price.
  • Wine Searcher – Another option for seeking out specific bottles and/or vintages.
  • Looking for additional Italian wine options? Give Tuscan Vines a visit, and look for Enoteca di Piazza. Sure, you could go straight there, but I recommend visiting John’s site, first!
  • Benchmark Wine Group – Another source for shipped wines.

Restaurants by City or Geographic Region

Yakima, WA, Area

Seattle Area

  • List – Seattle (Belltown) restaurant with excellent food.
  • Fire & the Feast (Edmonds) – Casual Italian-inspired fare.
  • Tulio – Seattle (downtown) – Excellent Italian food in a dark-paneled and cozy setting.

L.A. General Area

  • ProAbition – Dining location in Riverside, CA, with great ambiance, food, and beverage options.