Welcome to NW Angler, the idle ramblings of a Pacific Northwest Fly Fisher. I'm something of an obsessed, amateur outdoorsman, and I will be posting observations, activities, and other random musings, from time to time. For those of you interested in the same subjects (Fly fishing & fly tying, but also encompassing cooking, wine, camping, kayaking, good food, etc), please feel free to sign up to share in this stream of consciousness...

As you may notice, as of July, 2023, there are probably references to my living/working in Houston. Although my career path had prompted this relocation, I have no plans to change the name of this site, or retool content to match the move. My "Fly Fishing Heart" will always be in the PNW, and I will (I hope) be finding time and opportunities to return there, going forward.

A few comments, to help you take a peek around, as I tend to use "unconventional naming."

"Current Ramblings" is the random blog postings, as they happen.

"Echoes" are the images I have posted in groups, as echoes of past experiences.

"Leaders" will help identify if a given Fly Fishing location has appeared in recent Northwest / American Fly Fishing Magazine editions. No content, but as a way to help narrow down the search for an article that I "feel like I've seen before..."

"Trails" is the link page I am in the process of building. May not have a lot of trails to follow, but I tend to only include those I have personal experience with and have found valuable.

Tight lines...