Catching up…

I missed a few opportunities to post, not because of any lack of things I/we did, but rather because of having so many! My apologies!

I just finished three consecutive weeks with travel for work (Denver, LA/Inland Empire, San Jose) so everything else had to be compressed around that. Unusual to have that much back-to-back, but just part of the role.

As a kind of recap, let me hit some highlights for you…

We took a day trip to Leavenworth, WA, on Memorial Day.

An excellent outing, with great food, some nice purchases (including great finds at the Cheesemongers!), and a couple of wine tastings indulged in while the rest of the family were in nearby shops. For those that have not visited Leavenworth, it is time well spent. If you are, or could be, nearby, take a look at the city website for a glimpse.

Of course, the drive to/from also has it’s own attractions, including running next to some beautiful waters that I have yet to drop a fly onto, but really should.

Beyond that, I have not been able to get out to fish (although that may happen, tomorrow) as a result of a dinner at the home of some good friends of ours, similar social events, and other pulls. I was able, however, to throw together some homemade French Onion Soup, one afternoon, in bread bowls (caps overturned and melted cheese coating, in addition to the cheese on the soup, itself).

Nice to have something so tasty be from a recipe even I can handle…

Hopefully I will be posting about a river visit, in the next couple of days. Either way…

Tight lines.

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