Didn’t I see that, somewhere?

As one who collects books and magazines on subjects that interest me, I often find that I am struck with the desire to research some specific fact, piece of equipment, person….or place. As I ramp up for this years fishing season, I am doing more and more research on the last point. Where to fish, how to fish there, how even to get there.

With that in mind, the website now has a database of locations, to allow for easier sorting of my collection of Northwest Fly Fishing magazines. If you have them, and want to know which issue contains a certain article, look it up. Saves a bit of time…and gets a project off my mind.

If you don’t have copies of the magazine, you can at least search by state, then select your region of the state to see what’s near you. Good jumpoff point for additional research online!

Look for the menu option “Leads” on the website menu, or follow this: https://nwangler.com/fishing-location-database/

Tight lines!