Finally Over 50!

No, not me. That would be “old news,” to say the least.

Yesterday was the first time, this year, that I’ve stopped at a local (okay, semi-local – Asahel Curtis Picnic spot) river and found the waters to be at or over the 50°F mark!

Great news for me, and my affinity for throwing dry flies. Of course, at the time these waters came in at 52°, there was also a strong wind and stronger gusts, making it … challenging … to take advantage of the warming temps.

Waters running at around 460cfs in this pic, and it actually dropped since then, despite the continued warming trend.

All good news. Now, just waiting for the day that timing on the drive syncs with better wind speed, and I’ll be good to go…

More to come, I’m sure. I hope everyone has an excellent weekend, ahead.

Tight lines…