First Smoke Column Spotted

On a flight to Seattle, last week, I spotted a billowing, twisting, blue-gray snake off in the distance and grabbed a quick pic. 

Hopefully, this is a one-off, or a possible man-made issue, rather than a precursor to another year like we have recently had, where drifting smoke reduced the visibility to home to less than a mile, at times.

Don’t get me wrong…I love the smell of a wood fire. In it’s proper place. In it’s proper proportion to the fresh air around you. It is one of the most immediately satisfying smells I can call to mind…perhaps close to bacon cooking.

Mmmmmm….bacon…on a wood fire….mmmm.

My apologies. I digress.

We have had an odd spring, already, with winter attempting to encroach a bit and perhaps more rain than usual, so I am hopeful that the forests will not be as dry.

We shall see.

Almost down to an even 16 days until Fly Fishing kicks off. I certainly plan to be out in those woods and will, maybe, remember to assess the overall state of things with my limited experience.

Tight lines.

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