Happy Father’s Day

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all my fellow Dads a great Father’s Day.

I hope each of you have a chance to do one, or more, of the following, in celebration of this fine day:

  • Eat bacon. Lots of bacon.
  • Host or attend a cookout (if attending one hosted by someone else, I believe it may be proper to define the rank/order in which Grill Mastership is assigned based on number and ages of children, today, but try to avoid more… subjective… comparisons of those kids. Every good dad KNOWS their own are “the best kids,” after all).
  • Go fishing (Fly, preferably, but whatever can be arranged).
  • Eat bacon. Lots of bacon.
  • Spend time with those that represent your having achieved this status (yes, those kids of yours).
  • Camping? Sure! If it can be worked out, this allows for many of the above listed activities, as added bonus celebrations.
  • Eat bacon. Lots of bacon.
  • Enjoy a particularly fine adult beverage, if it suits you.
  • Just relax…if that’s what you want/need.

Enjoy the day and try to recharge. Being a Father is a lot of work, after all, so you’ve earned it.

Tight lines.

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