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Of all the places I fly to, for work, Denver is probably the most like home that I can think of, off the top of my head. Mountains in the distance, green spaces around you, but with reasonably consistent weather.

And the clear indications of Fly Fishing opportunities all around you.

Someday, I will have to make time to explore that… but this trip was not the time.

I have to admit, though, that my arrival left me with a sense of apprehension, given the weather they had just been having.

Seems that they, too, have been having a somewhat unusual spring, this year. I appear to have just missed some kind of final convulsion of the snow-generating cloud masses, which left one person that I was supposed to meet with snowed in, at home. But, then, everyone (and everywhere) has “off days.”

Despite this, I took care of the purposes of the visit, and continued on.

The next day, however, started off sunny and distinctly warmer, with much of the residual snow already melting away as I headed out for day 2 of my checklist. A productive day, but glad to see it draw to an end, when I returned to the hotel to find…this…

I could have zoomed in, to more clearly show him (assumptive assignment of gender. Please forgive me. Don’t tell the rabbit.), but I wanted to highlight just how small and young he appeared. The funny thing is, the car nose you see is my rental, and the rabbit clearly could not care any less that I had just pulled in next to him.

In fact, I think the odd nose twitch I observed, as I took the picture, might well be interpreted as “Hey! I’m eat’n here!”, in a decidedly New York-ish accent. There might have been a questionable gesture directed at me, too. The photo does not enlarge clearly enough to confirm.

I saw a lot of rabbits, during my driving that day, which made me wonder if there was more to this than just my having arrived in spring. Do some digging, and you’ll likely find the same things I did, on this subject, going back years:

Denver airport rabbits have to eat something, and cars in the economy lot are something

Rabbits, Rabbits, Everywhere! A Denver Epidemic?

So…seems like this is “a thing” with some regularity…?

At the end of the second day, I had the pleasure of connecting with my brother, his wife, and a close friend that all live in CO. We grabbed some excellent Sushi (Misaki Sushi – 2501 Dallas Street, Aurora, CO – It’s like a street vendor set up in an enclosed street setting!) and had a great time just talking and catching up.

Day 3 started with an 0500 alarm, then off to the airport. As we neared cruising altitude on the first leg, it struck me just how nice a day it was to be in the air.

A relatively short flight, and continued nice skies, also brought a view that does not always present itself to me.

If you search around the image, I believe you can make out Mt. Rainier in the foreground, Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens in the middle left and center, and Mt. Hood off in the distance. Usually there is enough cloudy haze to block out at least one or two, as they line up, but not this time.

I’m glad to have taken care of the work-related needs of this trip, but very happy that it also brought an opportunity to see people I have missed and some excellent sights.

Now, to checking my luggage to be sure I have no Rabbit stowaways looking to muscle in on new territory.

Tight lines.

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