Skies and Recovery

It’s been five days since I last fly fished… Still not feeling quite well enough to head out, but I have had a few chances to at least step out on the deck, or up the ridge a bit (although that takes out of me far more than it should), to snap a few pics.

Full moon, as you likely know, and I managed a few shots, starting with this from the 10th.

Then, last night, another view with the foreground in deeper darkness. These two images I did tweak in PSE, as the skies were so hazy that it seemed to mask a lot of details.

This morning, unable to sleep any longer, I took coffee, my dog, and my camera out on the deck. Nice to see the lingering moon, to kick things off.

I really enjoy that time of day, too. Roosters in some areas around us, but mostly quiet.

Facing East, though, strong promise of a good sunrise.

Didn’t take long, either.

Funny how much color can get packed into what was really a fairly low band of clouds.

There is a full set, in chronological order, HERE.

Final view, before the coffee needed to be refreshed (okay, before I needed to rest, really).

Take care, everyone. I hope it’s a great day, and the beginning of an excellent weekend.

Tight lines…