The little things

Each time I tie a fly to post to the blog, I struggle with one aspect of the process, consistently.

No, not which fly to tie.

No, not waxed vs. unwaxed thread.

No, not even which size hook to start with.

My challenge has been to take clear photos to document the steps in the process. The “good camera” is too big for such a small subject, so I’ve set that aside. My phone has a Magnifier option, but it has trouble focusing on the finer details. I often have to force it to refocus time and again, before it clicks into the right setting, then rush to move through the steps before it times out and locks! As if getting a good shot was not enough of a challenge, already!

Today, I received a clip-on, close-up lens for the phone! The impact of it?

That pic took roughly 4 seconds, and the lens clips solidly enough in place that I can just put it down between shots, and swipe to take a picture from the lock page, whenever needed.

This one took more than a dozen attempts to focus, then 3 retakes to get in still enough.

Glad to have finally found a better option, allowing me to take more time to tie nicer flies for the posts!

It is not just the little things that matter…sometimes it is being able to communicate them, as well.

This was one of six I tied, today, in #12. Starting the “Tying season” off with an old favorite!

Tight lines.

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