The Saturday Drive

Our girls spent Monday afternoon through Saturday morning at their summer camp, in ID. A great time for them (good friends, new friends, and great group activities) and a heck of a beautiful drive for us.

Some friends, who also had kids going, were happy to take the girls on the way there, but my wife and I started out at 0700, Saturday morning, to bring them home.

The drive is roughly 4 hours, and through a lot of wide open agricultural area, but that is kind of a throwback to my youth (different crops, and a lot less green, but still…). What is really nice, though, are the areas of exception or punctuation that you encounter…like the view behind a rest stop, on the way there.

Back in Illinois, the “lake behind a rest stop” would like have been small, muddy, and possibly with bovine occupants…

The brief passage through the Columbia Gorge is a favorite point, as well. Thank you to my lovely wife for taking the pics, both as we approached from the West…

And as we crossed the bridge.

A beautiful drive in some wide open country. On the way back…stories of camp, with lots of laughs and rolled eyes… the way camp should be.

Tight lines.

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