Again? Really?

Well, two weeks from the first day of Spring, and it seems that the cramming of a winter’s worth of snow into February has spilled over, at least one more time.

Last time I cleared the driveway, I was hoping it would be the final instance of the year…. That appears to have been just wishful thinking. Yesterday, I cleared it twice before enough of the sun’s energy got to the asphalt and reached the point where it would melt what kept falling.

Of greater concern, given the accumulation still on the ground, the fact that we have had continuous, slow, daytime melting and the current forecast of temperatures in the 40’s and perhaps some days of rain, next week, is that the homes below us were flooded in the first two springs that we lived in this house. There was, at least to my recollection, far less snow those years, as well.

County crews came out, earlier this week, to clear the ends of the culvert pipes along the main road in this canyon. Oddly, it seems to have been lost on them that having both ends of the pipes cleared may not do much good, when there is perhaps 2′ of clear space, then the ditches are filled with more than a months worth of plowed snow and ice, to a height of 1’+ above the roadway. Their efforts appear likely to just make standing pools of water at each end, then overflow as soon as any flow of water reaches them.

We shall see what happens, but for right now, it has the potential to a very rough melt off.

Tight lines.

p.s. My apologies is you received this twice, with some modifications. One of the plugins used by the hosting service failed, and it appeared to have not actually gone out, on Wednesday,  so I re-published.

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