For much of February, there was a regular, weather-driven cycle of activities. More often than not, at least in the biased view of one’s own recollection, it went something like this:

  • Snowfall
  • Snowblow the driveway in the hope that there will be enough sunlight penetration to melt the rest.
  • Chip ice from areas that did not fully melt.
  • Do whatever else your morning calls for.
  • Repeat (with “afternoon” replacing “morning”).

We had packed a winters worth of snowfall into a single month (22″ by mid-month), and totally failed to come close to the usual warming trend that should at least flicker to life….even just in a small way.

So, when the forecast finally came out with 0% chance of precipitation, for multiple consecutive days…it was almost cause for a party.

I had, it seems, failed to realize that the not-to-be-named meteorological organization I was consulting had perhaps failed to make payments on the numerical components that their publication relies upon to clarify the difference between 0% and 100%.

As a result…this is our morning… at 0% chance of precipitation.

I remember loving snow, as a kid, but now find myself unable to relive that.

As a way of conserving energy, in the expectation that the above activity cycle will have to be followed once, today (that’s clearly denial, in case your not paying attention), I opted for a very easy breakfast.

Let’s call them Superhero Waffles.

  • Three waffles done in the toaster oven.
  • Three slices of honey ham, frizzled in butter until lightly browned.

As soon as the waffles are done, lighly butter, a small swirl of syrup, then top each with it’s own slice of ham.

So…the ham ends up tasting like bacon, cooked this way. With it looking like a bacon cape, on top of the waffle… how could it not be a superhero?

Tight lines.

4 thoughts on “Ummm…yay?”

  1. As a continuation of this…it has now been snowing for 2+ hours, and multiple online weather services persist in claiming a 0% chance of precipitation, and even assert that is it not currently snowing.

  2. Being a weather guesser (because it’s all an educated…or not so educated guess) is the only job you can be consistently wrong and keep your job!
    I have long labored under the belief that meteorologists are incapable of looking out of a window!…LOL

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