American River

Spent a few hours in this stretch of river, some time ago. Not much success, that day, but definitely a place I plan to give another try to, this year. The American River is followed for its entire length by a two-lane highway, heading up to Mt. Rainier, from Yakima. In many areas, though, the river snakes away and gives you enough distance and a wall of trees, so the road isn’t heard.

Also great that so many of the nearby rivers wind through canyons, so you get these amazon rock faces, some times dropping straight down into the water.

2 thoughts on “American River”

  1. This looks to be near where you, Max and I fished 2 seasons ago, up approaching Mt. Rainier…true?

  2. Very close to it. We camped/fished on the Tieton River, which runs out of the same general area, near Rainier. That and the American both drain West to East, but are separated by a line of ridges.

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