Extra benefit

It’s been months since the last time I traveled for work. Like so many others, I’m grounded for the foreseeable future, and working via email and cell phone. My team have more tactical-level issues that have triggered some long drives, based on critical needs and the nature of our industry, but nothing that involves air travel in quite a long time.

One benefit of this is that I’ve had more opportunities to skim through cookbooks, which have honestly always been a weakness of mine, and search out things to try making. Some of the first things replaced from my lost library were those related to wine, cooking, and fly fishing.

Last night…. Oysters in a brown butter/shallot confit/breadcrumb preparation.

About to get broiled

Pair that with slices of my favorite bread to make (honey, cocoa, curry, and a semi-local Porter for depth of flavor).

Then serve with a small glass of well-chilled proseco.

Enjoyable; both to make and devour.

A couple of “stay at home” rounds of homemade sushi, some lime beef wraps, slow braised beef short ribs, and other assorted meals have come out of this renewed interest, as well.

Were it not for wanting to be financially responsible, mentally stable (to whatever degree I can claim), and at least semi-relaxed on a regular basis, I might seriously consider opening a restaurant, for the excuse of trying far more dishes and the joy of seeing them (hopefully) bring delight to the patrons.

If it had a wine bar.

For now…the family will have to out up with me.

Tight lines.

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