Light…is that light at the end of the tunnel?

So… rapidly closing in on 11 months since lightning struck our home, and it looks like we may well be nearing the end of this journey. I’ve been taking pictures, off and on, as the long path to completion has wound around, hit roadblocks, jerked forward in fits and stops, and sometimes just plain stalled for no good reason.

That said, on a day that was not some of the best weather (read as: not a great day for photos or fly fishing), it was time to take another look and see how close this was really getting.

The Livingroom, which originally had a lodge-like feel and a healthy dose of custom woodwork, took quite a hit in the fire.

Original, after demo removal of damaged surfaces.

In the rebuild, we’re not going to head in the same direction. Maybe time for a change…and a bot more of an updated face…

Nice, clean lines and an easier mix of surfaces to clean! Flooring done, window sills and baseboards left to go.

Also, looking to move the kitchen from closed and kind of dark to something a lot more inviting and easy.

Original kitchen, cleaned of damaged materials.

For those that had seen the house, most notable are the absence of upper cabinets and no more peninsula counter (the light path on the sub-floor shows how far out that reached), so this will flow more easily and allow for entertaining in a much more relaxed space.

More to come…but pushing (and hoping) to be HOME before July!

So thankful for my family being safe and sound, as they are the most important thing in my life, but will be very happy to have them back in our house, too!

Tight lines…

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