How to tie that…whatever it is

For those that might want to tie a few of the Renegade variant, I offer up the following (condensed) methodology:


  • Hooks – Today it was #12 dry, 1x Fine, wide gape.
  • Thread – 140 denier, Olive
  • Dubbing – Light Olive Antron Dubbing, from the dispenser box that has 12 colors
  • Tail wrap – Silver Holographic tinsel
  • Parachute post – White Antron yarn
  • Peacock herl – Bright green
  • Hackles – Front / Parachute is #12 Grizzly. Rear hackles are #14 Rusty Orange Grizzly

Start with the hook, barb crushed, locked into the vise.

Start wrapping behind the eye, and work your way towards the bend.

At the top of the bend, tie in the holographic tinsel. I used a longer strand, bent over the thread, so I had two “tails” to wrap, together.

Wrap the thread down the bend a fair distance, pinning down the tinsel and building a bit of bulk, then wrap the thread back up to roughly where the tinsel was first tied in.

Next, wrap the tinsel around the hook, as you move back up to the tie-in point. I like it a little “crinkly” as I suspect this allows for a wider range of reflections. Of course, it might not…

Three wraps to anchor down the ends, snip them, and tie in the rear hackle.

Bring the thread up 1/4 of the hook, then wrap the hackles in tight turns.

At that spot, three tight wraps, snip the hackle off and tie in the herl.

Wrap the herl another 1/4 of the hook, then tie it off.

Trim the end, then wrap forward to behind the eye, then back to the middle of the remaining hook.

Tie in the yarn, folding it over the thread.

Anchor it tightly, then build a post of wrappings, to make the base of it more solid. Sometimes, I put a drop of head cement on this, to make it more durable.

A small amount of dubbing, then fill in between the herl and the post.

Tie in the parachute hackle, making sure to anchor the trimmed tip on the hook body and a couple of wraps up the post, as well.

Add a small amount of dubbing, and wrap the section between the post and the hook eye, ending with the thread back at the post.

Tightly wrap the hackle around the post, working from top to bottom.

I then do three wraps, as close to the body of the hook as possible. First one under the remaining hackle end, then next over it, and the last back under it. Move the hackle end up and down to accomplish this, so all three wraps are as close to the hook body as possible. Once done, trim off the remaining hackle feather.

Whip finish, again keeping the wraps close to the hook body and very tight. Then trim the post to the desired length.

If you tie them, I hope they work well for you.

HOMEWORK: I need a name for this! Please send me replies, to get those ideas flowing!

Tight lines.




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