Recent changes

I spent weeks piecing together the irrigation system and adding timers and control valves (which I really should have done years ago), and recall being overheated and dehydrated as a result of the baking heat. This, despite really doing it in small chunks, as I found time.

In the end, all areas that we want to call “yard,” as well as the treed hillside above the house and a couple of areas with hedges and smaller trees, are set to go and have been nightly watered.

At least for a month, or so, depending which zone and when I got it timer-connected.

Seems crazy to already move from that to winterizing the entire system and waking to cold floors and the threat of “freezing mix” in the forecast.

The upside, though, are morning and evening skies to which the usual “cloudless and hot” days just cannot compare.

Again, I am reminded of how blessed we are to be here, back in our home, and safely together.

I’m prepping for a dinner, tomorrow night, where the guests are invited to bring wines to match a pre-selected main course, then blind taste all of the offerings and vote on what paired best with it (for the right to take home the unopened bottles!).

Should be a great time.

Apologies for the paucity of fly fishing content, this year. Too much up in the air, work … well … just plain strange, and projects pulling at me.

Come winter, I promise to tie a good collection of flies, maybe make a new pattern, and bring you along for it!

Tight lines…

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