Slow Day

Today started with rain on the windows and a forecast for the same all morning.

Great chance to just relax, leisurely cook some breakfast, and eat semi-outdoors to enjoy the drizzle and chirping of the small birds that just don’t care about the rain.

Breakfast was a 2-egg omelette, with the following adds:

  • Sour cream as the dairy addition to the eggs.
  • Sauteed mushrooms, onions, and calabrian pepper.
  • Handful of baby spinach, wilted in the steam of a splash of dry vermouth.
  • Irish cheddar, an extra sharp that comes having been soaked in red wine.

Yeah…good start.

Afterwards, I spent some time cleaning up brush and debris around where we will have a garden, next year. Nice spot. Even has buried irrigation already set in place by a previous owner.

I’ve spent the last month fixing up the irrigation system, as some previous owner had cut the wiring to all of the old valves and the demo/rebuild contractors seemed to think that sprinkler heads are for standing or parking on … yay. Almost all zones (8 of 9) are back up and on timers, now, so other projects present themselves.

As I was shifting the brush pile, I felt compelled to walk this bit of land and ponder an idea that’s been building up momentum in my mind.

Doesn’t it kinda look like it needs some grape vines running across it?

Wine grape vines?

Dark, brooding, red wine grape vines?

Yeah, I think so, too…

At some point, this will need to happen. Not a large amount, and no expectation of quality, but I think tending them would be therapeutic, the vinification of the resulting grapes an excellent challenge, and the tasting of what the land lets me produce a blessing.

Tons of questions to sort out, but we do live in one of the Washington AVAs, after all…

For the record, in case I have not previoisly called it out, I really do enjoy a nice glass of wine. Most recent bottle came with this cork.

Again, thanks for the recommendation KK! Very much enjoyed.

More to come…

Tight lines.

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