Recent Sunrises

We have definitely landed back in that time of year where ribbons of smoke (or, sometimes, outright weather fronts of it) seem to be making a regular appearance. Tough on air quality, but often makes for some very interesting sunrises and sunsets.

To follow up on the recent Brushfire Sunrise post, I captured these, on a more recent morning.

I tinkered with those on Photoshop Express, but even just dehazing seemed (to me) to alter the color, so that set was left as-is.

Last night, though, I managed a few shots over the crest of our ridge, behind the house (arms straight up, standing on my toes, next to the fence line). My favorite, cleaned up and adjusted for contrast, haze, and to bring out shadows, ended up being this one.

Can’t wait for the time of year when the sunrises and sunsets are back to being more in line with how the canyon around our house runs. Sunrises are close, but actual sunsets are still well over the crest, behind us.

It will get there, though.

Tight lines…