Taking a Break

So, what is the best method of recovery when you have had months of indoor weather, a long fight with a sinus infection, a full winters-worth of snow in February, and you still have…

53 Days, 8 hours, 2 minutes, 56 seconds until Fly Fishing season?

Head to the BEACH!

No, I don’t mean the Seattle version of a beach. I mean:

Spring Break this year was a trip to San Diego, with most of the family (our son kept working and was able to watch over the family pets, as a result. Probably good to have some alone time in the house, as he approaches 20.)

We started off with a morning of electric bicycle riding on Mission Beach. It took me a bit to realize just how much the throttle can kick in, and start riding standing on the peddles and zipping past people as if in a flashback to my teenage bicycling on the U of I campus. For our older daughter, the throttle was found much more quickly, much to her amusement!

Second day started a bit cloudy. Good for those of us (basically everyone) that had already gotten a bit pink from the first day.

A bit of walking on the northern end of Mission Beach, then the girls checked in for their Surfing Lesson! Great spot, with some really nice waves to learn on. Rob, from the San Diego Surf School (www.sandiegosurfingschool.com) really did a great job and both girls were able to ride the waves before the end of their first lesson!

After that, we strolled back down to the main part of the beach, and rested for a while on the sands, before heading back towards the hotel.

For a switch, we stayed more inland on the third day, with a great visit to Balboa Park. Some excellent, older buildings…

… massive trees …

… and two art museums to visit.

I highly recommend a visit to this area, if you have a spare day in SD. Even just sitting in the European-style central square, while eating pastries, had an amazingly relaxing feel to it.

Day 4, the last full day, was a visit to the shore of La Jolla. We had considered taking the sea kayak trip to the caves along the shore, but we just weren’t up to it, by that point.

Stunning shoreline, even with a somewhat overcast day.

A visit to an olive oil bar, with goodies sent home, and some more sightseeing, and we were ready to kick back a bit and just rest.

We made a side trip to the North, that night, to have dinner with my cousin and one of her kids. Great to catch up with family, when the opportunity presents itself and I really appreciate her making the time to meet us.

The flight the next morning was unfortunately early, thanks to limited options, and the “oh, did you really want me to be heard?” contribution of my cell phone’s alarm making for a later than desired start at least made that … interesting.

Great trip, with so many good memories, a few too many photos, and some sunburns that persist to this day.

Just what we needed, I believe.

Tight lines.

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  1. I should clarify: My family and I have some wonderful memories from trips to rocky beaches in the Seattle area. Kayak Point and the beaches of Guemes Island both stand out to us, and we are always excited when return visits are planned.
    More to the point, in this context, was that they tend to be a far different kind of enjoyment than one has on a wide, sandy beach, with the sun embracing you so warmly…

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