The Melt

The end of our winter appears to have arrived in earnest. Temps in the high 40’s for many days, last week, and a steady and intense sun has really pushed this along.

The lonely chair had lost all snow on the seat by Saturday morning, and the blanket around it is not far behind.

The creek bed on the far side of our rural road is now flowing; having started to show some water early on the weekend.

Although the change is very welcome, in terms of looking forward to hikes and time outdoors, as well as the eventual progression into kayaking and fly fishing seasons, I am even more concerned for those with homes, structures, and livestock on the canyon floor. Our side (south-facing slope) is largely melted off, but the rest of the canyon still has quite a bit to add to the melt.

So far, the creek is within it’s banks. That may not last long, however, with the highs for the 5-day forecast, starting today, to be 56, 58, 62, 62, and 60, almost all with abundant sunshine.

We shall see…

Tight lines.

3 thoughts on “The Melt”

  1. As of 0345, the NWS issued a formal Flood Warning for our area, citing a nearby location where it has already started to occur. Today still expected to get almost to 60, although yesterday exceeded the forecast high….

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