Very Minor Variation

Its had been quite some time since I posted any fly tying. For this I apologize. Having picked up a majority restock, yesterday, and despite not having my main kit or vise back from remediation… I had to tie at least one, today!

Materials in use:

  • #12 dry fly hook, barbless
  • 10/0 burnt orange thread (brand with a V)
  • #12 Burnt orange grizzly hackles
  • Burnt orange bugger pack fibers
  • Amber dry fly dubbing
  • Burnt orange deer hair (3 fibers)
  • White Antron yarn

Start with the hook tightly in the vise.

Wrap on the thread, starting maybe a quarter of the way back from the eye.

Wrap to the bend, then tie in roughly a dozen stuff fibers taken from the bigger pack, so that they splay out in a fan shape. Normally, this is all I do to form the tail, but today I wrapped up a few turns then tied in the three deer hair fibers above them. This, maybe, will create better surface film contact and could more effectively simulate mayfly tails.

After that, return to the traditional tie.

Wrap forward then tie in the yarn as a post material.

Tighten that up with a few wraps up the post, then go back to the tail, add dubbing and wrap back to the post.

A couple of wraps forward of the post, then tie in the end of the hackle feather.

Lock down the hackle, including up the post, then dub forward of the post, wrap the hackle up, tie it in place, trim, and whip finish.

Seems like a pretty variation, but we shall see of it fools and fish…

Tight lines.

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