That time of year

As the official fishing season moves into it’s final full week of the year, it is often the case that the scenery ramps up it’s visual appeal. Makes it hard to resist gearing up and heading out, although the 50-degree air temp and cooler water temps suggest something other than my usual wading pattern…at least if I want to still feel/retain my toes.

I had a day trip over to Seattle this week, for work, and ended up taking a couple of pics along the way.

On the way to Seattle – Cle Elum river
Exit 38!

Today I took a drive to my favorite Fly Shop (Worley Bugger Fly Co) to replenish my tying materials. I’ve had quite a few days where I suddenly wanted to sit down and tie some old favorites or new ideas, but just didn’t have the materials on hand, so it was time to fix the situation.

Although the way there was beautiful…the drive back…was through the Yakima River Canyon…

So many places where I could wade out, in spots where the normal water volume would wash me away. If only the water weren’t this cold…for dry fly fishing…

This small side channel looks like it would be an amazing wading opportunity, too!

More to come, but wanted to offer up a few peeks into the surrounding waters.

Tight lines.