2022 – Weeks 39/40

I would have just looked at week 40, but Sunday of last week was such a great day…

It actually started ramping up on that Sunday, with a roast going into a 24-hr marinade of a nice Barolo, with some herbs and spices.

What was the occasion, you ask?

Another wine pairing dinner!

A group of five of my buddies came over, with each providing a wine (actually 2 bottles) that they felt would pair well with the Brasato al Borolo (HERE, but it’s just an example – not my recipe). Tasted and rated blind, all six wines (I added the unused portion of the Barolo from the marinade into the mix) are then ranked and the wines that come in at 1st and 2nd place earn their providers groupings of the second bottles (unopened) to take home.

No…I don’t keep any wines if mine is thrown in, as I feel it would be cheating. Not an issue this time, as I think the long cook time changes the wine so much that it no longer seems a direct link.

After the marinade, getting ready to be cooked:

In addition to this… mushroom and asparagus risotto and baked zucchini, stuffed with ricotta, parmesan, and sautéed onion.

Great dinner and excellent company. Of course, any dinner for 6 that requires 36 wine glasses is bound to be good, right?

Later in the week, a quick trip to Seattle was needed. This, of course, meant a stop for lunch somewhere with a relaxing atmosphere.

I do love walking through these forests…

This, as you would expect, leads to a great spot to stop, eat, and relax.

It looks like I may miss a bit more of the fly fishing season, as my casting arm shoulder is giving me trouble. Hoping it resolves quickly, as midnight on the 31st is the end of season!

Beyond these things, a few nice sky views, as well.

We are also getting a strong wave of smoke, again. Sometimes is makes for a good view, but then there are the days where the clouds don’t roll in, so it’s just the haze…

Either way, it still makes for a good morning.

More to come, of course. No work travel this week, so I have time to rest and heal my shoulder, but we’ll see what else this week brings.

Tight lines…