Another Quick Start

I didn’t wake up this morning with that much energy. A critical meeting this coming week, a few hiccups in the field in the past week, and the onslaught of stress that is the Holiday Season, in my specific position, all seem to come together to make sleep a commodity that is harder to come by, and perhaps poorer in quality when it is had. Not that I was not mostly rested, but just didn’t have the “umph” to do a bigger breakfast…

  • Bacon
  • Eggs (perhaps 3/person)
  • Bread (3-4 slices/person, but depends on level of hunger)
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Ground nutmeg
  • Syrup or Preserves (or both…if you need it!)

After my first cup of coffee…the entire package of Black Forest Uncured Bacon hit the cast iron pan, on a medium-low heat.

As previously posted, I let it go for a while on a lower heat, to avoid scorching it while in pursuit of the darker and more crispy finished product that I prefer. It also allows for time to fill and down a second cup of coffee!

As the bacon nears completion, I take a casserole dish, and break three eggs into it, a dash of Half-and-Half, and 2-3 tablespoons of Vanilla creamer. I have been using a non-dairy product that is Almond Milk based, as it has no trans fats, and it actually imparts a nice subtle flavor without getting too thick. Also…I have a sweet tooth that needs to be kept occupied, before it gets desperate and starts directing me towards things that are far less healthy!

Whisk together in the casserole, then in go a couple of pieces of the heartiest bread I can find in the house. Let them soak for 30 seconds on each side, as the bacon comes out to a plate lined with paper towels. A quick wipe down of the pan, and there should be a great layer of bacon fat left to use.

Sliced in, with a bit of room, then a dusting of cinnamon and ground nutmeg on the upper side. Let it cook for perhaps a minute on the first side, or until you start to see the egg on the upper side of the bread “jiggle” on it’s own, as the bubbles from below shift it around.

Flip, then cook the fresh side for the same length of time.

I really enjoy the smell of the cinnamon and the nutmeg, after the flip, as they heat while in contact with the hot pan. This specific recipe has a distinctly holiday smell, as a result.

Once done with that batch, repeat as required, or until your pre-planned supply of bread/eggs is exhausted.

Today, I topped mine with Blackcurrant Preserves, and butter melted between the slices!

Smaller breakfast than some…but very satisfying!

On a final note, I was also pleased with the release I got from the pan. As anyone that uses cast iron has likely experienced, egg dishes can be problematic in this area. I recently switched the oil I use to season my cast iron (I say it is mine, but I usually just clean, reseason, and store them, when others in the family more often cook with the various pieces we have). I only had to give it a quick wipe, and it came clean! What I switched from and to … is for a future post.

Tight lines.

2 thoughts on “Another Quick Start”

  1. Yum! And why does that black skillet figure so much into what I consider yummy? Black iron skillets cast spells on me.

    1. Completely agree. There is a lot of historical significance wrapped up in that mode of cooking as well as just plain great tastes that cone from using them. We started with one 10″ pan, and now have upwards of a dozen pieces. From skillets to dutch ovens, camp oven, griddles, bakeware, and even a melting pot for butter. Of course, my grill grates, too! I would not give them up.

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