April Update!

Good afternoon!

Just wanted to check in on where things stand, at present.

Still looking for a solid role to step into for the next phase of my career but also working through a few non-work things at the same time, and…finally found the time and focus to put pen (fingers?) to paper (keyboard?) and pull off a draft of a book of fiction!

Okay….I know you’re used to things a bit more…colorful? …outdoorsy? …interesting? …but for me, this was quite enjoyable. Not going to give out details because, you know, not sure if it will come to anything, but sure felt good to make that happen.

Beyond that, a great visit from our daughter, earlier this month! Only five days of leave, but it’s better than not seeing her.

And a fair bit of agreeable weather for skiing (obviously) but also for the drive to/from SeaTac for both arrival and departure.

Rimrock Lake, near White Pass
Mt. (I never have looked it up, sorry!) near Snoqualmie Pass

Little visitor, these past few days, too.

Keeps the dogs alert at least.

It hit the low 60s today. First time this year, I believe. A few nice developments in the yard…

Really happy with that, as I only planted the sapling last year!

But, the temp shift and sun also means I might get a bit of river scouting in, this coming week! 34 days and some change until the Fly Fishing season opens! Perfect time to get out and see what the runoff is doing to river banks and water courses.

If I do make it up to the mountains, I will definitely share what I find!

Tight lines…