Hello, My Friends…

I know it’s been quite a while, and for this I apologize, but I had my reasons. Well, some of them I still have, in all fairness, and a couple of them I might just keep, once I find how to balance them against everything else that requires attention and time.

We shall see.

If you live in Washington, or have put up with my rantings for more than a year, you likely know that the Fly Fishing season has officially drawn to a close. According to my countdown timer, as of the moment I wrote this sentence, there were 79 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes and 59.75 seconds left to go before the next window opens. I’m back to that “In Between” phase that I think I’ve previously mentioned (like, HERE).

I’m also even more limited in my Fly Tying options, based on having lost less than a handful of them, this past season! Good, in that I must be getting better at controlling my casting. Bad, in that refilling the fly boxes creates off-season activity.

Maybe some suggestions for new flies to tie?

Apart from that, I’ve been enjoying a gap between roles, allowing me a chance to read for pleasure (even writing a bit!), catch up on a few things, and get out and see a bit more nature.

I will certainly try to keep things going on the blog, as I move toward my next role, but for now, I have a few more pics to share.

Such a blessing to live in a place like this, where a drive of an hour or two gets us access to nature or a major metropolitan area. A day trip into Seattle is enough, especially with the amount of time I spent there, over the past few years!

Take care, all.

I will post again, soon. Until then,

Tight lines…