Breakfast…kinda simple

I don’t do much of anything “simply.” I tinker, tweak, and customize; sometimes too much.

This morning provided another great example.

My standard routine is to have a high-protein meal bar with my coffee, give it time to settle, then (6 days a week), hit the treadmill, do some push-ups/crunches, and light weight work for the upper body.

After that…second breakfast.

For today…”just” a fried egg.

  • 1 medium egg
  • 2 Crimini mushrooms, sliced
  • 1/8 white onion, small cubes
  • 1 piece bacon, small cubes
  • 1 Calabrian pepper, minced
  • Teaspoon butter
  • Splash very dry vermouth
  • Tablespoon very good cheddar, crumbled.

Bacon in; to render out the fat. Onion and mushrooms when the bacon cubes start to sizzle a bit. Pepper after a couple of minutes.

Once there is just a bit of color on the mushrooms, move everything into a centrally located pile and hit it with the vermouth. The steam will help finish softening the veg, and leave a bit of flavour behind.

Give this a minute to finish Browning, then set aside.

Butter in the pan. Crack the egg into whichever side it is likely to settle towards. As soon as it has stopped spreading out, sprinkle the crumbled cheddar onto the top, then spread the previously browned veg across the egg, so it can get caught on both the melting cheese and the setting egg white.

Flip it at your normal time, and herd the wayward veg bits back under it, if any stray. Give it 30 seconds, then serve it out while returning it to the original side up. Replace any veg that wander away.

This morning, the cheese was “Green Thunder.”

Check it out, here.

It is ridiculously good, as, it seems, are all of their other offerings (at least the half-dozen I’ve tasted). Very strong flavor, so a little bit goes a long way.

See…can’t even just fry a simple egg…

Tight lines.

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