Recharge Special

Our younger daughter turned 15, yesterday. Wonderful young lady and such a joy to have as our child. Her wish for the day was to get out into nature, so we packed the kayaks in the truck bed and headed out around noon.

Quick stops for some food and smoothies, and we were on our way out of town.

Unfortunately, when we got up a fair distance, the temps dropped, the wind picked up, and we eventually decided not to even unload the kayaks.

Still, a beautiful day.

I’m truly blessed to have a family that also loves time out in nature, the feel of the sun, and the whisper of the breeze.

Easier, of course, when the air temperature and wind speed don’t conspire to sting your earlobes within moments of exiting the vehicle!

None of us can wait for the onset of summer, the return to our home, and the resumption of a more normal life.

Until then…

Tight lines.

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