Eerie October Morning

I grew up loving Halloween. I had quite a library of horror novels, have always enjoyed gothic horror movies (when actually done well), and have even built and operated haunted houses, in the past.

Ten days left until the end of this month, and I peeked out the window to see this, this morning.

This pic is only modified to blot out two area lights, that the neighbor across the canyon has lit every night. I also had to run the shutter out on this pic for a full 4 seconds, to get these shades of color to stand out.

As the morning evolved, the colors spread into the wider view, despite the narrow gap between the clouds and the horizon.

After a point, though, the colors really took off.

Nice and creepy spread of color. What capped this was that the edge of the cloud line slid down and choked off the sun, before it actually rose. I never ended up with a direct view of the sun, despite how much it painted the clouds and smoke haze.

Full set can be viewed HERE, if you wish.

Tight lines…