Hints of Spring?

Okay, so that might be a bit too optimistic… We are supposed to get into the 40’s, today, if you believe the meteorologists that I often poke fun at, on Twitter, for their inability to even correctly identify current weather conditions.

You know, like when the skies are a uniform blanket of grey, yet the apps and websites claim it is “Partly Sunny.”

Which part? Are they relying on satellite imagery, and commenting about how “the sun seems to be shining on that area…where the ground is all grey.”

Enough of my whining…

Sorry for the gap in posts, but a lot has happened.

Omicron came through and touched our lives. “Yay.” Hit my wife hard, but lead to a formal, and seemingly more accurate, diagnosis for the fatigue she’s been fighting since our January of 2020 family experience with the original COVID strain. Seems it wasn’t Cronic Fatigue Syndrome, which she’s been hearing for 2 years, it’s been Addison’s Disease. Good to know, as there is a well-defined management strategy for that, instead of multiple doctors just shrugging and scrounging around for the next “…this might help..” option.

January 22nd

Most of 5 days in the hospital, but if making a real and permanent improvement in how she feels is the end result, it’s worth it.

Despite almost a week of fog (some of it freezing), there have been some excellent skies, of late, Please feel free to peruse the pics in either the new 2022 tab (HERE) or the specific one for this morning (HERE). Also, a new Nature Photos page, HERE.

111 Days to go, until the 2022 Fly Fishing season kicks off. Tons of flies in my boxes, including the back stock, so I’m looking for ways to keep focused on this…other than just staring at my countdown app.

Soon. But not soon enough.

I hope this weekend is a good one, for each of you.

Tight lines…