Relaxing float…

Much of the Memorial Day weekend was spent still halfway “in work.” Emails sometimes don’t come to an abrupt end Friday afternoon, issues need resolution so others can move on, and similar situations occur … even on important holidays.

Fortunately, work understands this and taking a half day, today, was seen as a fair trade and quickly approved.

Morning emails, spreadsheets, and other tasks resolved, I set to loading the truck with kayaks and gear, and we were out the door and on road before noon.

Unloading in the Yakima River Canyon, I found a sure sign of life from the river volunteering to draw my attention.

Okay…look closely. Tan caddis. Maybe #14? My ongoing failure to obtain a telescoping fly rod comes back to mind with a slight pang of regret, but that’s not the reason for the trip.

We pushed off, and headed down the relatively slow river with a great sunny day around us. At just over 2000cfs, the river was no weakling, but not slow to the point that I would wade the shallower areas, just yet.

In the course of the float, we had the pleasure of seeing deer, turkeys, Bald Eagles (one with a perhaps 18″ trout clutched in one talon!), and, thankfully, very few other people!

My Angler’s mind kept watch for signs of the fishing conditions, of course. Both Caddis and Mayflies were well represented, some areas almost in small clouds. Fish sipped from the surface in several areas, and a couple jumped within earshot!

I think the eagle with the rainbow trout was just taunting me, actually. It flew to a couple different perches, as we floated down the river, but not always to avoid our approach. In the last instance, it actually flew up to a spot behind us, although we were well past, already.

Great banks of undercut vegetation were in full spring color, in many areas, offering concealment to river residents. Another sign that the water level was almost ideal for a bit of fishing.

By the time we pulled out, roughly 4 hours later, the main point of the trip was well satisfied. We were sunned, relaxed, and ready to head back to the reantal house.

These floats are always a welcome outing, and each one seems to only increase our desire to go again.

Now…back to the idea of the travel rod…

Tight lines.