Morning sky…

Okay, it’s been hectic getting moved in, settled, starting the new job, and figuring out where everything is around us.

In the midst of all that, the lack of mountains on the horizon has increasingly taunted me.

One nice bit, though, offered itself up the other morning.

Not bad… Once I used the editing options to wipe away I don’t know how many cell towers and power lines.

It’s almost as if those grow here to take the place of mountains. In driving to visit some of the clients I’ve inherited, I came up on signage for Mt. Houston road.


No, I mean it.


I looked both ways, expecting to see a particularly grand fly-over stack where the two highways intersected, but didn’t see one.

I’ll have to figure this out.

Happy to see gas at below$3/gallon in some places, though! As much as this role will keep me driving, that’s a gift I won’t refuse.

Soon, I’ll have to explore the Same Houston Nationally Forest, to try to get some nature exposure.

If it’s a concentration of high tension pylons, painted green…I’m done and ready to move on.

Tight lines…