Welcome to Houston

…Where the raw temp is 96, but with humidity factored in, it’s more like 112.

Last legs of the long drive done and we’ve been “living room camping” while we wait for our household goods to be delivered, tomorrow.

Last two nights of the trip were both within Texas, Amarillo followed by Denton area, and the broad horizons and blue skies were very welcoming.

As if to keep that in check, the actual drive into the Houston area quickly moved to growing clouds…darkening skies…then downpours that came in sheets.

No, I did not make a point of pulling over for a pic…

Still, it all balances out, once you get used to it, I believe. It has been years since we lived in TX, but this really is not such a shock.

The Travel Trailer is at the shop for a few items we found need attention, during the course of the trip. Funny how much can slowly fail when NOT used for almost 4 years, and stored in an area that is desiccated and often well over 100 degrees. Thankfully, the A/C was not one of those items, so we had our mobile refuge to slip into every night.

Beautiful countryside in most of the areas we passed through, which rekindled our desire to get out and camp more…and for me to find Fly Fishing within reach of Houston, for doses of that calm and nature that I will need, regularly.

Also, several good ideas for some writing I’ve been doing, too. The joys of a voice recorder, built into the smart phone that is already playing my playlist or audiobook for the drive.

More to follow, but wanted to give a quick update.

Tight lines…