Progress…as seen in the roof…

Just a quick post to update on the progress made in repairing our home. Although the interior repairs are awaiting approvals, etc, from the insurance company, the best way to see where we are might be to look at a few images of the attic/roof areas; the section hardest hit.

This is the narrow attic area, where the geothermal unit sat, as seen a couple of days after the lightning:

The unit, itself, appears to have been the main focus of that hit.

Once struck, the surge may have gone in both directions, away from this. Power fed from the East and water from the West, with both systems showed clear signs of heat damage, along their paths.

So…a couple of weeks of demo, lots of insurance pictures, and the process of rebuilding moves ahead.

Mid-September saw the significantly damaged roof components removed and replaced…

…followed by the hard deck replacement in the last week of the month…

And the replacement of shingles completed last week.

Sure, the interior is a more daunting task, in terms of details, installation time, etc, but it’s a relief to at least see the shell of our home looking more like it should.

More to follow…

Tight lines.

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