Ramping up…

It’s been a long time since I have felt this energized and ready for spring. Between our house fire, my wife’s “mystery illness,” and kids growing up/moving out, a lot has happened over the past 30 months.

This year, though, with most of this behind us (older daughter only just moved out, but we knew this was coming for some time), it feels…right.

The weather is helping a lot, too. We have already hit the point where the extended forecast has only tonight and tomorrow night dipping below freezing, then almost a full two weeks where it is not expected to freeze, again. My main river temp (Yakima River, just above Ellensburg) is averaging in the low 40’s, but with the upcoming warming trend, it may well get into the 50’s in the next two weeks.

So… this has brought on a few activity changes, recently.

Fly tying – A couple of batches of supplies have already been obtained, and some additional dries and streamers turned out fairly well.

I replaced the line on my 5wt rod and have a fresh batch of leaders inbound, as I write this.

Last year, I had trouble finding my wading belt…but a quick check in the garage (when looking for something unrelated!) ended up with it appearing in plain sight. Now updated with my new wading staff, and ready to go.

We even had the awning, batteries, and caulking updated on the camper! Hard to believe that it’s been so long since we used it, but we could not get it out when the house was being repaired, so it sat dormant that whole time!

Anyway… all this really adds up to this: Look for the fishing reports, fly tying, and general outdoors in the mountains and forests posts to pick back up! It’s been too long. Time to re-connect.

Of course, I’m still enjoying the sunrises and sunsets, so feel free to take a peek at today’s new page, HERE.

Tight lines…