Saturday before…

…Memorial Day. Also known as “Opening Day” for Fly Fishing. Two days off to follow, in case you need to recover from it, too.

I have this tradition; Unless camping on that weekend, I go to the same place, each year. I also go alone.

Why, you ask? I go to the same place because… ummmm… my truck knows the way? Because… I’m just a creature of habit? Because… I just do.

To be clear, it’s a beautiful spot and has easy access even in the high waters that almost always persist that early in the season.

It’s also, for the sake of honesty, not the best stretch in terms of actual fishing success. Which is largely why I go alone.

Perhaps I go there to get reacquainted with my gear, the waters, and my own place in all that open nature. Knowing the fishing there is not great until the water warms up (not even 50, today) and slows down (almost 700cfs, where it get a down to under 200 later in the year) maybe takes off the pressure of “doing things right?”

I don’t expect to catch anything, other than some pictures, some breezes, and the occasional leaf from the ample brush along the shores. A chance to just cast a bit, wade a bit, and enjoy the moment.

Still… have to fish opening day. Glad it was sunny and pleasant. Not that the alternative would have stopped me.

Tight lines…

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