Yeah…this happened.

So… I have enjoyed steak au poivre for years.

Ever since my first one, cooked by the executive chef of an amazing bistro in Phoenix, it’s been the first thing that pops into my mind when the word “steak” is used in any sentence. It is almost like my subconscious … or my tongue … believes that “steak au poivre” is the whole and proper name for all steaks, and that other derivations of this are overly familiar nicknames, that fail to do justice to the house of “au poivre.”

Okay, not years. Decades.

Tonight was my first attempt at making this for myself, oddly enough. Simple and pretty straightforward, really. I suspect I had not previously tried to make this out of fear of somehow disrespecting the cut of meat, the sauce, or some part of the meal.

No more.

Turned out tender, juicy, and exquisitely peppery. The side salad, thanks to my loving wife, paired very nicely, as did the glass of wine.

It will happen, again. I assure you. Good thing I have a second one waiting for tomorrow…

Tight lines… and good eating.

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