Saturday Fly Tying

The start to the day:

In my last couple of stops at Worley Bugger Fly Co., I have picked up some nice dry fly hooks, going into smaller sizes. Today, as a chance to sit and just relax, I felt the urge to tie a couple of Elk Hair Caddis, making use of some of the #16 hooks.

I didn’t take the step-by-step pics, as I believe I have done that, previously (like, HERE, except without the green wraps at the top of the hook bend). Not a bad result, I think…

Should ride on the film nicely, I think.

For those that don’t fly fish or tie, this is the same fly on my palm, for perspective.

Very enjoyable to tie!

As a point of reference, as I don’t usually modify imagery (other than cropping), the opening image (also used as the Featured Image) does have it’s brightness and contrast cranked up, compared to the original. No filter or effects used, but I like to be transparent about image changes like that, as I try to shoot them with nothing tweaked (except maybe the brightness, to avoid things like flares in sunrise/sunset) so the image matches what I see, as closely as possible.

Tight lines…