Scouting, again

So…two weeks until Wasingtom state opens up the majority of rivers for Fly Fishing, and a great day to be outside. Sounds like the perfect day to get back out into nature and do some scouting on some of my favorite rivers.

With the air temp hitting high 70s, we headed out to take the look around and soak up the sun on a clear and bright day.

The water was bracing, but not as cold as is has been on a few of my opening day fishing outings, from past years. My daughter’s and I waded through a few areas in bare feet, and did not either lose sensation or proper coloration, so I’m pretty happy with that.

I love wet wading, but most of the best rivers within an hour are not that far from the melting snow that feeds them, leaving the midsummer span as the only period where this is comfortable for more than a few moments.

We stopped at three different places, in the course of the afternoon. A couple that I regularly fish and one where there is a group camping site that I’ve occasionally contemplated renting and providing in an open invite to other families we know, for a weekend of pseudo-roughing-it.

Either way, great looking waters and not a huge amount of difference in river paths or accumulated debris.

Great reminder for all of us, of the wonderful outdoor opportunities we have almost at our doorstep.

More to come, I hope.

Tight lines.

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