Notes From The Road

Well, it’s day 4 of our journey, and it’s definitely not been boring.

Movers came on Thursday to pack the few items we didn’t choose to prepare ourselves, mostly mirrors and electronics, so there couldn’t be any question of how they were wrapped, in case of damage.

Friday the crew to load came, the tractor/trailer and a pair of U-Hauls that would be used to shuttle our possessions from the house to the semi…as there was no way the rig would be able to back up the long, twisting, sloped driveway to the house.

Which brings us to Saturday…

Fairly early start, and we crossed the Columbia River fairly soon thereafter, leaving WA behind us, for now.

We made it through OR with little trouble, re-experiencing the beauty of a route we had last driven when all three kids were younger, and the call of nature had us camping in places around MT, ID, and OR.

So many rivers to follow or cross over, where I remind myself that I still need to cast my line, some day.

First night spent in the Twin Falls area, then on to Rawlins, WY.

After that night, unfortunately close to the interstate and all of the light and noise one would expect, the relatively short drive to Falcon, CO.

Such amazing views, along the way. I was struck by how wide and grand the view is, in places like Wyoming, once again.

An evening spent with my brother, his wife, and a friend of theirs, then a night of Colorado thunderstorms. It’s magical to fall asleep to the pelting of rain on a camper roof…

The morning of the 4th… Looks like just over six hours of drive time on the schedule for today. Not sure if Google can be set to calculate the effect of hauling a 24′ travel trailer, but I’m guessing this day will end up being more like eight+ before the next campground.

We shall see.

Happy Independence Day, everyone. I hope it’s festive but safe for each of you.

Tight lines…

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