Boot upgrade!

My first pair of wading boots were rapidly deteriorating, so it was time to look for an upgrade. Found these Korkers at Worley Bugger Fly Company, in Ellensburg, WA. Online research showed a lot of very happy users, so I went with it. Best thing about them is the completely replaceable soles! They snap off and have many different patterns available. Ordered the Buckskin model, which comes with both felt soles and rubber soles. Picked up a pair of rubber with metal cleats, for general usage. Glad to have an option that helps prevent the spread of invasives, but also glad to have a great pair of felt soles that I can use in my home waters, if i wish…

4 thoughts on “Boot upgrade!”

    1. My old pair had been rusting out in the fittings and had developed rough patches on the inside that wore against the boot feet of the waders. Have not used these, yet. The Yakima is still blown out, so I am on hold…and tying flies.

      1. I should more accurately say that the soles are not just replaceable, but interchangeable. Snap one off and put on the next, no need to even take the boots off.

  1. Having now worn them for three days of wading, I can say that I am very impressed. The soles I picked up don’t have really large cleats, but the combination with the rubber surface has worked quite well for me. Very happy with this purchase.

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