That time of year…no, the other one.

Always nice to reach ideal grilling weather (when actually home). Good sign that Fishing season is not far behind.

Some great burgers, brats, and hot dogs were had. Obtained some great ingredients from a German sausage shop that has been in business for 60 years!

Burgers were 3/4 local beef and 1/4 breakfast sausage. The sausage inclusion precludes anything close to medium-rare, but the flavor and moistness from it really set off the burgers.

Excellent Brats, from the same shop, as well!

Good kickoff to the grilling, bbq, smoking season!

4 thoughts on “That time of year…no, the other one.”

  1. Sounds good
    We often combine our ground sausage with our beef produced on our own grass and hay

  2. Michael, I became very hungry just reading your post. Living in Europe, I am a huge fan of brats!

    1. I imagine you get some excellent options, too! We will get there, some day!

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